What Is The Difference Between Full Spectrum, Isolate, And Broad Spectrum CBD?

Homemade CBD Products
Homemade CBD Products
Full-Spectrum CBD
Full-Spectrum CBD

CBD is confusing with three different types available in the market. You might not know what full-spectrum CBD is or how it is different from isolate CBD and broad-spectrum CBD. In this article, you will find answers to all your basic questions related to the three.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is derived from industrial hemp which contains CBD (in high quantity), terpenes, THC (in lesser than 0.3 percent), and other cannabinoids. When the process of extraction is conducted in the plant, all of these compounds along with CBD will be present in the product. This product does not undergo any more processing or separation. It is also called “whole-plant” as it contains all the natural compounds present in the plant.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is known for its synergy effect- an effect in which the terpenes and other cannabinoids enhance the functioning of CBD. The synergy effect is also known as the entourage effect. It has been proved in various researches about how THC and CBD act together to reduce pain and anxiety. However, extensive study has not been conducted in the field.

Isolate CBD Oil

Isolate CBD is what full-spectrum CBD is not. To obtain isolate CBD, after the compounds are extracted, it undergoes processing to separate CBD from the other compounds. These contain pure CBD usually up to 99 percent. These are usually mixed with a carrier oil and sold as tinctures or capsules. They are also mixed often in CBD chocolates and other edibles.

Isolate CBD is preferred when you want to avoid the THC in full-spectrum CBD. However, since the THC in full-spectrum CBD is very less, it does not get anyone high.

Broad Spectrum CBD

The summary till now is full-spectrum CBD contains more than CBD and isolate CBD contains only CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD falls in between these two as it contains CBD and all other compounds excluding THC. It is more beneficial than isolate CBD (because of the synergy effect).

Broad-spectrum CBD is made after extracting all compounds from the hemp plant. After the extraction, further processing is done to separate THC from the mixture. Sometimes, a little of full-spectrum CBD is added to isolate CBD to give broad-spectrum CBD.

Which One Should You Choose?

That would depend on what you want CBD for.

If you are looking for CBD to add to your smoothie, you should get isolate CBD. Because of its lack of flavor, it will help the smoothie taste normal.

However, if you are having CBD for pain relief or other similar reasons, you should consider buying full spectrum CBD since it has been proven to be more effective.