Linalool: The Secret Ingredient In CBD Products

CBD For Arthritis
CBD For Arthritis
CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits

CBD has made waves around the world, and millions have begun using CBD in one form or the other. Of the several things that CBD is capable of doing and the plethora of CBD health benefits that it offers to the user, what many of us fail to understand is that there are other things in CBD products to help, as well.

Cannabinoids like CBD are also present in full spectrum hemp oil extract, the likes of flavonoids, terpenes and chromenes to name a few. When they work together, they boost the properties of the whole mix in what is called the entourage effect. But our focus is not on the cannabinoids in general but more so, on one particular terpene- Linalool.

What Are Terpenes?

These are the compounds that impart aroma and scent. Be it when you walk by an apple orchard or the relaxing and refreshing aroma of lavender- these are all the handy work of terpenes. But its uses are not restricted to just smelling good but also helps soothe and interacts with the nervous system to produce beneficial effects.


This is one terpene that every CBD user should know of. Linalool is found in 200 other plant varieties and because of its sweet scent, it is used extensively in cleaning supplies, deodorants, perfumes and room fresheners. We will be taking a look into the benefits apart from aroma that linalool imparts to the user:

  • Linalool Helps Curb Stress

Check the labelling of any popular massaging oil or relaxing lotion and you will find lavender flower extract written on it. The reason for this is the stress relieving properties that lavender extract- which is filled with linalool, is known for. If you feel extremely stressed out and feel yourself losing grasp, then linalool inhalation help in repressing the stress-inducing effects.

  • Linalool Helps In Relieving Soreness

There was a study back in 2007 that conducted tests on lavender essential oil that was potent with linalool. The study which involved lavender aromatherapy on athletes showed Linalool in positive light. The pain and muscle soreness was reduced and made the patients more comfortable.

  • Linalool Helps Boost Healthy Brain Function

It has been shown to be a brain fortifier. It boosts memory creation and reduces the chance of impaired thinking as a result of a build-up of plaque in the brain. Linalool has been shown to boost brain activity and enhance productivity. The next time you feel your mind wandering while reading a book, spray the room down with lavender extract, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!