Why It Matters To Store CBD Well

Cannabidiol For Pain
Cannabidiol For Pain
Pure CBD
Pure CBD

CBD has turned from being a medication we used to speak in hushed tones to an everyday herbal supplement that has shifted the way we look at medication. The days of hanging onto over-the-counter medications are over, in lieu of a safer yet equally potent alternative that has helped many reclaim their wellness and sanity in the process. For a consumer, picking out the right CBD product would be the first priority and another equally important one would be to safely store and use the product the way it was intended to. We will be focusing on why it is important that you store CBD well and how not doing so, can spell disastrous for you. Read on…

Cannabidiol: What Goes Wrong When You Don’t Store It Properly

It is a plant-based substance that you will find in hemp and cannabis plants. Along with it are plenty of other substances which are collectively given the name, cannabinoids. Since pure CBD or cannabidiol is an organic substance, it is prone to degradation over time. What this means is that the CBD will turn more ineffective and lose many of its CBD health benefits over time, the same way if you keep bread outside, it begins to mold. What happens when you eat moldy bread? You get sick. The same goes for CBD that has gone bad.

Different CBD products and extracts will react differently. For example, if terpenes are present in the extract, then the rate of evaporation of the CBD solution will be much higher. Terpenes, after all, are highly volatile and are more susceptible to drying up in high temperatures.

CBD products must be stored in such a way so as to prevent its oxidation. Two main suspects of oxidation are light and heat. Oxidation is what causes the substance to breakdown, lose its properties and dry up.

Storing Of CBD Properly

  • Keep It In The Dark

Light, as mentioned earlier, is responsible to breakdown and oxidize the CBD. Preventing light from hitting the product head-on goes a long way in extending its usable age. This is why you might have noticed that CBD bottles are generally dark-colored. Make sure to keep the CBD away from direct sunlight, never place it on car dashboards, window sills, out in the open etc.

  • Keep It Cool

Heat destabilizes the CBD composition and ends up making it murky and thick before finally destroying it. Make sure to keep it cool, probably in the refrigerator, and definitely away from anything hot like stove, burner, oven and even your car.

So in essence, the only thing for you to do to ensure that your CBD product gives in the required mileage is to, store it in a dark and cool place.